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DJ Durkin and his Maryland staff coach ‘em up at BTC Satellite camp

The University of Maryland football coaching staff, lead by head coach DJ Durkin, descended on Troy Park in Howard County, Monday, for a high-energy satellite camp sponsored by the Baltimore Touchdown Club. Both players and coaches alike were on a mission to make an impression and from the opening whistle the first year Terp staff had the 150-plus campers humming with military precision. The athletes responded to the boot camp style urgings of the Maryland coaches, who were looking to challenge those on hand, seeing who would blossom and compete under the pressure and scrutiny. “This game is played with passion, said Durkin in his initial address to the assembled athletes. “This is a game played with passion and great effort. You have to have a certain mindset when you step on this field. We’re looking for the effort and the guys willing to compete.” Maryland, which has already participated in more than a dozen satellite camps this summer, is having success with the events. “We’re looking for the kid constantly stepping forward and winning the drills, even when he is tired. We’re looking for someone who shows a burst and creates separation coming out of a cut,” said Maryland Associate Head Coach Mike London. “We’ve found several kids at these camps who were not on anyone’s radar. We’ve made a few offers. It’s a great opportunity for them and a great opportunity for us.” The players also see the chance to make an impression. “It’s fun and it’s a great chance to showcase yourself,” said Archbishop Curley rising senior defensive lineman Vinnie Shaffer. “You just compete and try to learn as much as you can.” Satellite camps are somewhat controversial in the college ranks as many Division 1 programs are upset about seeing schools setup up shop in their backyards, while programs like Maryland and the University of Michigan are utilizing them to the fullest. “We’re excited to put this camp on for the football players in Maryland,” said BTC Senior VP Scott Ripley. “It’s great that the Maryland coaches are making the commitment to get involved in the high school community. It’s a win-win for Maryland football and the high-school athletes on hand.”

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