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General Game Rules

  1. Five game officials

  2. Each team is permitted to have three Team Captains

  3. Game will consist of four, 12 minute quarters

  4. Fumbles may be advanced

  5. Offensive line splits must be at least three feet but no more than six feet.

  6. Kickoffs will come from the 35 yard line and can be returned out of the end zone

  7. If OT should occur, high school OT rules are in effect

  8. Sideline headsets for communication WILL NOT be allowed


Offensive Rules

  1. All offensive formations have to be exchanged between the coaching staffs one week after the teams have been selected

  2. The offense must have at least one back, in addition to the QB,in the backfield, between the tackles, at all times

  3. No empty set formations will be allowed

  4. The offense can only use a two TE formation in short yardage situations (see below)

  5. No shifts, the TE cannot move or trade sides of the formation

  6. The offense will be allowed send a man in motion

  7. Absolutely no CHOP BLOCKS, CUT BLOCKING and BLOCKING BELOW THE WAIST will be allowed

  8. No CRACK BACK BLOCKS by a RB or WR will be allowed

  9. The QB will be allowed to throw the ball away if he is outside the tackle box-


Defensive Rules

  1. The defense MUST align in a base 4-3 defense

    • DTs must align in a 2 technique with at least one hand on the ground (head up on OG)

    • DEs must align in a 4 or 5 technique with at least one hand on the ground (Head up or outside shade of OT)

    • Mike Linebacker must align in a 00 technique a LB is out of the box and covering a WR. In this circumstance the defense may align in a 4-2 defense.

    • The Sam Linebacker may align on the LOS over a TE but he may not rush the QB on a pass play unless the QB leaves the tackle box

    • Cornerbacks may play press man technique

    • Safeties must align at least eight yards from the LOS at the snap of the ball

  2. Only the four interior linemen in three point stances may rush the QB on a pass play

  3. The center may not be covered by a defensive linemen

  4. There will be absolutely NO BLITZING, SLANTS or STUNTS such as loops and twists by DL

  5. The LB’s must be aligned FIVE yards from the LOS at the snap of the ball (this excludes the Sam LB aligned on the TE)

  6. Secondary coverage allowed: UNLIMITED- ZONE- MAN etc…..

  7. The defense can never rush less than 4 DL at anytime- DE and DT must rush- DE’s can not drop into coverage.

  8. Penalties for violating any defensive rules will be as followed:

    • 1st Penalty: Warning by official

    • 2nd Penalty: Five yard penalty

    • 3rd Penalty: Fifteen yard penalty

    • All subsequent offenses: Fifteen yard penalty


Short Yardage Situational Rules

  1. In a three yard or less situation on 3rd or 4th down ONLY, the offense may use a two TE formation

  2. In the above situation, the defense may cover both TEs at the LOS with the Sam LB and the Will LB; thus resulting in a 6-1 defensive alignment

  3. The offense may use a two TE formation on the goal line (five yard line and closer) and the defense may cover both TEs in this situation


Special Team Rules --- Punting


  2. Punts can be rushed by the defense- NEW RULE

  3. A Pro-Style punt formation must be utilized

  4. Only the two outside Ball Hawks may leave on the snap… all other punt team players must wait until the ball is kicked before advancing downfield to cover the punt

  5. The punt team will be penalized five yards and must replay the down if anyone other than the two Ball Hawks release on the snap

  6. The defense can attack the kicking team if the snap is dropped or if the snap goes over the punter’s head


Special Team Rules --- FG & PATs

  1. No one may align in the “A” gap and the LS MUST remain uncovered.- No A Gap RUSHING.

  2. No one may jump on the back of a teammate in an effort to block a kick

  3. The offense MAY fake a PAT or FG

  4. The Defense can rush the kick- For safety reasons- it is smart to rush only one wide guy- this is to avoid a collision.

  5. If the snap is fumbled or the holder misplays the ball the defense may attack

  6. The defense can return a blocked PAT, interception of a pass off of a bad snap on a PAT or a fumble on a PAT for two points


2 BTC Rules Interpreters will be monitoring the game at all times.

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